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Wondering what the coming year has in store for dental care? You may be surprised by the amazing technology that continues to innovate the field of dentistry. The new year puts the focus on technology and implements the many ways that it can make dental procedures more comfortable and less time-consuming. Talk to your dental provider to learn more about any of these trends- and to discuss whether you are a candidate.

Consider these new 2021 Dental Technologies:


When you think of the future, do robots come to mind? That is not so far off, actually, and Robotics play a big role in dentistry in 2021. Robotic technology will change the way that providers perform dental surgery, providing unrivaled precision that creates consistent outcomes for patients.


The past year and the pandemic have brought new light to providing a safe, sanitized environment for patients visiting the dentist, or other medical providers. 2021 will continue to see protocols and procedures in place at your dental visit to ensure that everyone is safe from the transmission of germs and illness. This new standard should be reassuring for patients and staff alike.


Have you ever been gagged while getting images taken of your mouth for impressions? It is certainly not comfortable and can provoke anxiety in many dental patients. The new year promises advancements in how your dentist will take impressions that get rid of the gag-inducing process previously used and simply scans the mouth when making impressions. The applications of this technology are extensive in the dental industry, helping young children being fitted for braces to efficient implants in a hurry.

Digital X-Rays 

Dental x-rays can be uncomfortable, difficult, and expensive. The new year is bringing technological advances in the way that dentists take pictures of your mouth. Digital dental x-rays can provide photos from inside and outside your mouth, by biting down on a device that snaps the picture. This provides more accuracy and precision, as well as better looks at challenging spots around your teeth and gums.

One-Appointment Crowns 

Getting a dental crown is typically a procedure that requires multiple trips to your dentist. If you need a crown, 2021 is going to be your year! New “one-visit crowns” are done in a single visit, without the uncomfortable impressions but rather with the use of digital impressions instead.

LED Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? Imagine being able to whiten your teeth instantly, without irritating bleach and worrisome lasers. In 2021, LED light teeth whitening will be a popular option available from dental providers widely.

Talk to your dentist at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, in Mt Pleasant, SC, to learn more about these 2021 trends- and any dental concerns that you may have. Call to schedule your appointment today!