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Familiarize your child at a very early age with taking care of their teeth and going to the dentist, and the reward will be improved oral health as they grow older. Use these tips from professionals to foster confidence about visiting the dentist and pride in maintaining good oral hygiene.

Some tips to teach children about the dentist include these:

Encourage Good Habits and Hygiene

Make sure that you foster good habits and oral health every day, from the moment your child is born. Brush and floss consistently, in front of or around your child; make sure they have their own pediatric toothbrush when the dentist says they are old enough. In the meanwhile, clean your baby’s gums and tiny teeth with a soft, damp cloth. Introduce children’s toothpaste when they are able to brush and expel the toothpaste properly; your dentist will make recommendations pertaining to your child’s dental hygiene practices.

Speaking of dentists, make your child’s first dental appointment by age one. Many parents schedule an appointment as soon as their child gets their first tooth, which can be much earlier. The earlier they see a dentist, the more accustomed and less anxious these visits will be.

Read a Book

Treat your child’s dental care like dentist homeschool; find and read a book (or two!) that is suited to your kids. These stories can promote a visit to the dentist as a positive experience- which it should be!

Be Consistent

Consistency is key in many things and dental hygiene is one of them. Make sure that your child has regular appointments and exams with their dental provider to ensure they don’t develop anxiety or fears about these visits. Also, make sure that your child is consistent with their own brushing and flossing as this can improve the condition of their teeth, which will make visits to the dentist far more comfortable, overall.

Eat Well, Curb Treats

Try to implement healthy food options around the home for your child as they grow. Choose whole, fresh foods and dairy for dental health; skip the processed foods and sugary snacks, unless it is an infrequent treat.  If the child does snack, encourage them to brush or- at the very least- rinse their mouth with water well afterward to remove sugars from the tooth enamel and curb risks of cavities.

Find the Right Practitioner

Another way to motivate your child into a healthy dental regimen is by finding the right practitioner. With young children, that can be a family dental practice; these dentists will treat patients from very-young to very-old, typically, and they are accustomed to working with children.

Begin familiarizing your child to the dentist early; call the caring providers at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, in Mt Pleasant, SC, to schedule an appointment. A family dental practice will be equipped to treat your child from their very-first visit into adulthood; this continuum of care can contribute to a healthier mouth and smile.