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Is it possible that you need a root canal? Don’t worry; root canals are common and are comparable to a simple filling. It is estimated that around 41,000 root canals are done each day, equating to over 15- million root canals each year in the US. The process of a root canal procedure involves removing the bacteria and decay from inside the tooth, disinfection of the afflicted area, and refilling the empty roots with a dental material. The site is then sealed to deter any new decay or issue.

Do you need a root canal? Some signs that you may include these:


Any time that you are experiencing persistent dental pain, it is prudent to see your dentist. Pain is never normal, and the longer you wait, the worse the damage to your teeth may ultimately be. Typically, early treatment can ensure a more favorable result and resolve dental pain promptly.

Loose Teeth

Are you suddenly experiencing a loose tooth, or worse yet, loose teeth? When damage is done to a tooth under the gumline or in the roots, it is possible for a tooth to gain mobility or become wiggly. Abstain from wiggling it or moving it around until you have seen your dental provider.


A discoloration of the teeth, such as turning grey or dark, could also be indicative that you are possibly in need of a root canal. Trauma to the tooth, such as being hit in the mouth with something, could damage the roots and tissue, causing the discoloration and warranting a root canal procedure.


Do you feel tooth pain or sensitivity to hot or cold? This is another sign that a root canal may be in your future. This sensitivity is a sign that the nerves in your teeth are damaged- possibly infected. See a dentist for treatment.  


If your gums are swollen or inflamed, this may be a sign of dead or damaged dental tissue. This will eventually manifest in swelling along the gum line caused by the waste and bacteria under the tooth. Don’t underestimate or overlook swollen gums; it is often a sign of something more serious.


Chipped or cracked teeth may also be a sign that you need a root canal; at the very least, it is something to bring to your dentist’s attention during your next visit. If you have recently experienced any dental trauma, you may require a root canal to repair and restore chipped or cracked teeth. This is a common outcome for those that play contact sports, have been in accidents, or that break a tooth biting or eating.

Are you experiencing any of these dental problems? If you are struggling with these symptoms, you could need a root canal. Don’t wait; call to schedule an appointment in Mt Pleasant, SC, at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, today.