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It seems natural and often encouraged to get a second opinion on medical matters, but what about dental work? Absolutely- it is important to ask for a second opinion from a reputable and highly rated dentist in your area to give you a sense of peace regarding the upcoming procedure. Don’t feel uncomfortable about asking; you should get a second opinion on dental work and here is what you should know:

It Isn’t Personal

Don’t feel awkward expressing to your dentist that you will be seeking a second opinion regarding your dentistry; a thoughtful professional will want you to do what you need to in order to feel comfortable and confident with your decision. Be honest about needing more time to consider their assessment.

It Helps With Anxiety

A second opinion can actually alleviate some of the angst and anxiety that you may have surrounding your dental situation or diagnosis. There is nothing wrong with gaining insight into all options so you can make the most informed choices possible. This understanding and confidence can help take the worry out of upcoming procedures.

Just Do It

Don’t wait if you are going to seek a second opinion. Some dental conditions merit immediate intervention to avoid complications. Also, if a question or thought crosses your mind regarding what the dentist has recommended, go get your second opinion. Do not delay or procrastinate.

Go With Your Gut

There are other reasons to get a second opinion when it comes to a dental diagnosis or recommendation. Do you have complete faith and trust in your current dentist? Do you feel that they may not be able to perform what you need satisfactorily? Your wellbeing and comfort should be your main priority; go for a second opinion.

Ask Some Questions

Make sure to ask pertinent questions of your second-opinion provider so that you can compare and contrast information later. Here are some important things to ask:

  • What is your recommendation or diagnosis?
  • Do you concur with the initial dentist’s assessment? Why or why not?
  • What are other options to consider?
  • What is the approximate cost?
  • Risks?
  • Is this something that requires immediate attention?
  • What are the repercussions if treatment is delayed?

Ask whatever other questions will help you gain some comfort and a better understanding of your dental condition and treatment options. Be wary of any provider that is reluctant to discuss your needs fully.

Get The Scoop

Word of mouth can be a powerful tool when looking for a second opinion. Ask friends, family members, and coworkers about their own providers. You are not seeking a new provider, just an assessment and second opinion regarding a dental diagnosis, so you should have no difficulty in finding a dentist in your geographic locale to serve you. Ask others about their experiences and consider your options.

Looking for a second opinion on dental work? Call Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, in Mt Pleasant, SC. We are a family dental practice, and believe that everyone needs to know about oral health and care; call to schedule your appointment today.