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Want to save money on dental care? There are things that you can do now that will prevent future costly dental issues later. Make sure to see your dental care provider at least once per year to stay on track with preventative practices and routine cleanings.

Save money with these preventative dental care tips:

Brush, brush, brush

If you want to prevent decay and the pain of a cavity, brush after meals and snacks. This sounds elementary but brushing truly is the bedrock of good dental hygiene. Make sure that the toothbrush you use is not too hard, as this can be damaging to your tooth enamel over time.

If you are unable to brush immediately after eating, try rinsing your mouth with water to remove sugars from sticking to the teeth. Brush as soon after as possible.

Don’t forget to floss

Make flossing a habit and you will likely have far fewer cavities and much easier dental cleanings. When food sticks between teeth, plaque forms. Over time, this turns into a hard, stinky substance you’re your dental provider must remove by descaling. Descaling can take time and be uncomfortable.

Floss daily and you will notice the results- plus, you will have much fresher breath, too.

Rinse your mouth regularly

Speaking of rinsing your mouth, use a mouthwash or mouth rinse daily to get rid of bacteria and to freshen your breath. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in this country; using an antibacterial mouth rinse can reduce the risk of gum disease, and prevent cavities, too.

Eat right

Your diet can greatly impact overall dental health, so make sure that you are eating a tooth-friendly diet. That is, limit sugary treats and eat a diet rich in calcium for strong bones and teeth.

Avoid citrus or carbonated drinks that can wear your tooth enamel and make teeth susceptible to decay. Drink plenty of water to keep teeth fresh and to prevent dry mouth syndrome, which can lead to cavities.

Don’t use your teeth as tools

Never use your teeth as tools to open bottles, loosen lids, or any other activity that could put them at risk for tooth trauma. The potential damage can be devastating and irreparable. 

See your provider

It is integral to see your dental care provider at least once a year, but more often in some situations. The question right now seems to be whether it is safe to visit dentists and providers during the pandemic. Be wary and follow guidelines when going out and about during the pandemic, but it is still important to tend to your dental care regimen and see the dentist.

Follow your dentist’s instructions for staying safe before and during dental exams.

Save money later with preventative dental care now. See your dental provider in Mt. Pleasant, SC, at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, for regular visits and routine cleanings. Call to schedule an appointment today!