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At Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry we hold to the old fashioned value that the patient is the most important person in our office. We use treatment plans that are practical and with the utmost concern for pain control, using the most advanced technology. Our staff will take time to explain any treatment plan and how to avoid dental problems in the future.

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We are conveniently located right off Ben Sawyer Blvd in Mt Pleasant at 1309 Warrick Lane.

Address: 1309 Warrick Lane Mt Pleasant SC 29464

Phone: 843-881-0668


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Woman with toothache ignoring your cavities

Common Dangers of Ignoring Your Cavities

By Oral Health

If you have ever experienced a toothache, you likely won’t forget it. Many times, tooth pain is the sign of a cavity; see your dental provider right away. In fact, ignoring your cavities leads to significantly more discomfort and potential problems that are easily avoided with a trip to the dentist.   If you feel tooth pain, particularly when biting down or chewing, or you notice an increased sensitivity to hot or cold, you might have a cavity. The symptoms of a…

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Teeth are related to sinus infections sick blowing nose tooth ache

How Your Teeth Are Related to Sinus Infections  

By Oral Health

Did you know that teeth are related to sinus infections? It’s true- and you should never ignore a toothache as it could be an underlying symptom of a serious issue. Inflammation or swelling around your teeth can put pressure on the sinuses, which could cause infections or illness. If you have persistent tooth pain, visit your dental provider to rule out a problem, prevent infection, and find relief for your discomfort.    There are specific dental issues occurring when your teeth are related…

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Baking soda and lemon whitening mixture trends that are harmful to teeth

7 Trends that are Harmful to Teeth

By Oral Health

There are a lot of common practices and trends that could be harmful to teeth, damaging your enamel in some instances. Before jumping on the bandwagon, consider the long-term impact of some of these popular habits and how they may affect your smile later.   Be wary of these seven trends that can harm your teeth!  1. Cider Shots People take shots of apple cider vinegar for a variety of reasons, from burning fat to lowering blood sugar. The acidity of apple…

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