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Teeth are related to sinus infections sick blowing nose tooth ache

How Your Teeth Are Related to Sinus Infections  

By Oral Health

Did you know that teeth are related to sinus infections? It’s true- and you should never ignore a toothache as it could be an underlying symptom of a serious issue. Inflammation or swelling around your teeth can put pressure on the sinuses, which could cause infections or illness. If you have persistent tooth pain, visit your dental provider to rule out a problem, prevent infection, and find relief for your discomfort.    There are specific dental issues occurring when your teeth are related…

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Baking soda and lemon whitening mixture trends that are harmful to teeth

7 Trends that are Harmful to Teeth

By Oral Health

There are a lot of common practices and trends that could be harmful to teeth, damaging your enamel in some instances. Before jumping on the bandwagon, consider the long-term impact of some of these popular habits and how they may affect your smile later.   Be wary of these seven trends that can harm your teeth!  1. Cider Shots People take shots of apple cider vinegar for a variety of reasons, from burning fat to lowering blood sugar. The acidity of apple…

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Woman biting nails common causes of a cracked or chipped tooth dentistry

Common Causes of a Cracked or Chipped Tooth  

By Cosmetic

A cracked or chipped tooth is no fun; in fact, it could lead to far more extensive and costly damage, in some instances. There are some habits and behaviors that cause damage to teeth, and you may not even realize you are putting your smile at risk!   Consider carefully these common causes of cracked or chipped teeth:  Tooth Trauma  You can chip or crack a tooth- or several teeth- when you are in an accident or if you sustain trauma to your…

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Young child wiggling baby tooth pull loose teeth dentist visit

Should You Let Your Child Pull Loose Teeth?  

By Children's Dentistry

It is tempting to help a child with a wiggly or loose tooth by pulling it- but should you? When your child has loose teeth, pulling them out prematurely can cause undue pain and bleeding. Have you pulled on a tooth before it was ready to come out? You can reduce your discomfort with these tips:  Avoiding hot food or drinks.  Eating only soft foods for a day or so.  Brush gingerly or not at all near the site of discomfort for a…

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Waterlase technology in dentist office patient waiting

5 Benefits of Waterlase Technology in Dentistry  

By Dental Technology

If going to the dentist is uncomfortable for you, waterlase technology may change the way that you feel. Waterlase dentistry uses water and light to complete otherwise long or dislikable dental procedures. This technology is used to treat conditions afflicting the teeth and gums, and may also be utilized for mouth sores, too. Waterlase is faster, less invasive, and convenient, providing a more comfortable experience.   So, what can waterlase technology do? Here are five benefits:  1. Contour Gums  If you are uncomfortable…

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Man checking bad breath causes and dental care

The Top 7 Causes of Bad Breath  

By Oral Health

Do you- or someone you know- have chronically bad breath? There are several reasons why someone’s breath could smell bad- and in some cases, it is a sign of a more serious, underlying medical issue.   Here are seven causes of bad breath:  1. Oral Hygiene  The first and probably most obvious cause of bad breath is poor oral health and hygiene. The bacteria that build up on teeth from food and drink forms tartar- which smells terrible. This trapped food turns to…

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Dentist performing root canal in office

6 Signs You Need a Root Canal

By Oral Health

There are a few reasons why you may need a root canal, which can repair and save teeth that are damaged or infected. Some signs are discreet, and you may not realize that you need a root canal right away. This is why it is so important to have regular appointments at a family dental practice; a dentist can identify issues early, which can prevent dental problems later.   Six signs you need a root canal are:  1. Pain  If you are in dental pain,…

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Child in dentist office pointing out sore tooth cavities

Why Does My Child Keep Getting Cavities? 

By Uncategorized

Is your child prone to cavities? Cavities are more than an inconvenience- they can cause discomfort and pain, as well as be a sign of an underlying issue.   Why does your child keep getting cavities? Here are a few reasons:  Bacterial Transmission  Cavities could be a sign of a transmittable, bacterial infection. There are types of bacteria produced in the mouth that cause cavities- and that could be transmitted through contact through saliva. This is often the case when sharing food, utensils,…

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Dentist explaining tooth problems health issues dentist office

What Health Issues Can Your Dentist Detect?  

By Oral Health

You probably know the importance of regular dental visits and the repercussions of poor dental hygiene; but do you know that dental exams can also help detect significant health issues, too? It is true- and experts liken your teeth and gums to a window that allows your dental provider to identify when there is a risk to holistic well-being. The condition of your teeth and gums may also be connected to your overall health and wellness, so practice good dental hygiene habits.   So,…

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Woman with toothache in dentist office bad dental hygiene

Health Risks of Bad Dental Hygiene

By Oral Hygiene

If you become complacent about your dental hygiene, you could face holistic health repercussions. Dental hygiene is closely linked to your overall wellbeing, and when you fail to take care of your teeth, you could face health complications, including infection, stroke, or heart attack. Part of following good dental hygiene practices includes regular visits to your dental provider in or around Mt. Pleasant, too.   Risks Associated with Poor Dental Hygiene  The risks of poor dental hygiene include periodontal disease. While this…

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