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Did you know that teeth are related to sinus infections? It’s true- and you should never ignore a toothache as it could be an underlying symptom of a serious issue. Inflammation or swelling around your teeth can put pressure on the sinuses, which could cause infections or illness. If you have persistent tooth pain, visit your dental provider to rule out a problem, prevent infection, and find relief for your discomfort.   

There are specific dental issues occurring when your teeth are related to sinus infections. Some dental issues that can cause sinus infections include these: 

Impacted Teeth 

Have you ever had an impacted tooth? This occurs when a tooth is stuck underneath the gum line, never fully erupting and breaking through your gums. It can be painful, while also putting pressure on your sinuses, as well as your jaw. The results can be painful. Contact a dental provider for treatment and relief. 

Wisdom Teeth 

Usually, wisdom teeth erupt and break through the gums by a person’s early twenties. Wisdom teeth are in the back of your mouth, a third set of molars that often need to be extracted. It is common for wisdom teeth to become impacted, which can be terribly painful. Furthermore, the inflammation and swelling that impacted teeth cause can put pressure on your sinuses resulting in more discomfort and potential infection.  

Regular dental exams will track the development of your wisdom teeth, which may help to prevent complications or infections. 

Tooth Abscess 

Another painful dental problem that can lead to sinus infection is an abscessed tooth. Abscesses form when your teeth become infected- which has the potential to cause a sinus infection. Abscesses are painful- see a dentist right away. In this instance, abscessed upper teeth can quickly spread and infect your sinuses. Seek treatment at the first sign of an abscess.  

See a Dentist 

So, when is the right time to see your dentist? Anytime that you have persistent tooth pain- lasting more than 48 hours is the general recommendation- you should see your dental provider. However, if you suspect something is wrong or are experiencing acute pain, call your dentist right away. Your dentist will ask you some questions, examine your teeth, and take some x-rays to determine the root of your discomfort. If you have an infected tooth, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics.  

Don’t ignore a toothache; it could lead to a serious sinus infection or issue. The swelling from an afflicted tooth could put enough pressure on your sinuses to cause a nasty- and often painful- infection. If you experience persistent dental pain, call a dentist at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, in Mt Pleasant, SC, to schedule an evaluation and appointment. A toothache is painful; we want to help. Call or visit today.