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We all want to be proud of our smile, since the shade of our teeth is usually the first thing anyone notices about our smile. When looking for products to help  obtain a whiter smile, there are several options with varying results and costs to consider.

All teeth have a natural shade ranging from an off white to a slightly more yellow shade, and overtime your teeth’s natural color will change as you age. A big factor in how your teeth look results from stains that come from regularly drinking of wine, coffee or soda.  Smoking cigarettes is a leading cause of staining of teeth. Dr. Melchers and his staff are here to help you decide the best and safest treatment when whitening your smile.


Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes are effective in removing surface stains from your teeth, but will not change the natural color of your teeth. If you obtain stains from drinking coffee, wine, or soda, or from smoking cigarettes, whitening toothpaste can help prevent stains, but that is about it.  There are certain toothpastes available with bleaching ingredients in them, but before you use them you should consult your dentist since these products are not typically available over the counter.


White Strips

White strips are a home treatment that can be used to help whiten teeth and break down bacteria that cause stains.  White strips are available in a variety of strengths and brands, and contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to help you achieve a whiter smile.  Whitening strips are only helpful in whitening the surface of your teeth since they do not reach around the sides of your teeth very effectively.  These effects will not help you obtain the same results you would expect from in-chair whitening or take-home trays from your dentist.


Whitening Trays

One of the most popular ways and effective methods to obtain a whiter smile, is the use of a whitening tray with bleaching gel. Our office utilizes a tray whitening system to help you successfully whiten your teeth.  This two part process starts with making an impression of your teeth, to obtain a custom whitening tray that you can use over and over. We will give you whitening gel to use over a period of a few days to help you achieve a whiter smile of 4-8 shades!


Whitening False Teeth, Crowns and Veneers

Our office has a variety of options to help you enhance the aesthetics of your smile. If you have a false tooth, crown or veneer that have stains or don’t match the color of your real teeth we are able to take this into account and offer coloring to match.

Dr. Ted Melchers and his staff provide dental care to patients and their families throughout the Low country of South Carolina.  Our patients are our primary concern.  Our dental team is here to help develop a treatment plan that is right for you. Contact us today at info@oldmtpleasantdentistry.com.