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Proper dental care for your kids goes beyond daily brushing and flossing. It’s also important to maintain a healthy diet that is rich in low-sugar, nutritious foods. While kids might not be thrilled with a plate of raw celery sticks or broccoli, there are plenty of healthy snacks you can provide that are also appealing and tasty. 

Snack Foods to Avoid

When you choose snack foods, keep a close eye on the sugar content. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that people over the age of 3 consume no more than 12.5 tsp of added sugar daily. This is the equivalent of a single can of soda. 

Sugar excretes acid onto your teeth as a waste product, which can eat away at the enamel and cause tooth decay. While you may not be able to eliminate all sugar from your child’s diet, you can limit their consumption of it and choose healthier options instead.  

Healthy Snacks That Will Make Your Kids Happy

Here are some healthy snacks that you can serve your kids between meals and even as a complement to their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 


Eating apples and other high-fiber fruits can help remove plaque from your child’s teeth. In addition to being a delicious snack, these fruits are also full of minerals and vitamins. 

Homemade Goldfish Crackers

What kid doesn’t love Goldfish crackers? Unfortunately, the ones you buy at the store also come with tons of preservatives and additives. If you want a healthier choice, you can make your own with just a few ingredients. 


Having some hard-boiled eggs on hand for snacks is an excellent option. Eggs are a great source of vitamin D, protein, and calcium, which are vital minerals for oral health. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium, which can help build and maintain healthy teeth. 

Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese

Some other foods that are rich in calcium are milk, yogurt, and cheese. These snacks are also rich in phosphorus and casein, which can fight off some of the acid created by plaque bacteria. 

Water with Fluoride

Water might not sound like a snack, but it’s filling, and hydration is essential to your child’s health. Giving them water with fluoride (most water has this) should be part of any meal or snack routine. 

Carrots and Celery

Raw vegetables on their own can seem boring and uninspired. But combine them with some Greek yogurt as a dip, and you have a winning combination. The fiber and water in these vegetables can scrub the surface of the teeth, and some fibrous vegetables even act as natural dental floss. 

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are excellent snacks for kids. They’re delicious and simple to prepare. The high amounts of phosphorus and calcium in the foods can replenish minerals removed by highly-acidic foods. 

Homemade Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk might seem like an odd item to add to this list after we told you to avoid sugar. But, this magic chocolate milk recipe calls for unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter, and a banana. 

Making wise food choices should be part of daily dental care for children. Brushing and flossing twice daily, combined with a healthy diet, can prevent cavities and other serious dental issues. Regular dental appointments are also important for checkups and cleaning. Contact Old Mt. Pleasant Dentistry today to schedule your next appointment or for any questions about your family’s dental care.