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Unhappy with your smile? Dental crowns are one solution for fixing damaged teeth and restoring their appearance. Crowns fulfill a couple of purposes, including protecting, restoring, and covering your teeth- particularly when conventional fillings won’t do. Crowns are typically made from porcelain, ceramic, resin, and metal, and are treated just like regular teeth in terms of care and hygiene. 

You could be a good candidate for a dental crown if any of the following apply: 

  • You have a weak or cracked tooth that you want to protect from further damage.  
  • You have very worn or broken teeth, or a tooth.  
  • You have large fillings without a lot of teeth surrounding and supporting it.  
  • You have a dental bridge to support in place.  
  • You want to conceal or camouflage discolored or misshaped teeth.  
  • You have a dental implant.  
  • You have had a root canal.  

Is a dental crown right for you? To be sure, speak with a dental provider and schedule an exam.  

Different Types of Dental Crowns 

When it comes to crowns, there are a few different kinds that could be warranted, depending on the condition of your teeth. For instance, traditional crowns cover an entire tooth, while an Onlay crown or ¾ crown do not cover as much of the tooth underneath. Your dentist will be able to identify the best option based on an assessment and dental examination.   

As mentioned, there are several different types of materials used for crowns, too. Some of the options available to dental patients are: 

  • Metal is one kind of material that is used to make dental crowns. It also may be fused with other materials to make a compound or composite crown. Some of the metals used for a crown could include gold, nickel, chromium, and palladium- and these are typically used in teeth that don’t show as much, like molars. Metal is durable, doesn’t chip, and lasts the longest of all crown materials.   
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal involves exactly what it sounds like: a marriage of porcelain and metal for your crown. These kinds of crowns can be easily matched to your teeth, so they are discreet, but they have the strength and durability of metal. This is a viable and appealing option when you are looking at crowns for teeth that are exposed, such as in the front of your mouth. The metal foundation also makes this a prudent option for the back teeth, that chew and bite down a lot.  
  • Resin crowns are likely the most inexpensive and common dental crowns available. These do wear down over the course of time and they are not as durable as other types, like metal or ceramic. There are advantages to resin- and it is widely offered, unlike gold crowns for example. 
  • Ceramic and porcelain crowns are considered the most aesthetically pleasing and most like your natural teeth. These are a good choice for anyone who has sensitivities or allergies to certain types of metal. Ceramic crowns are often the pick for damaged front teeth.  

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