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Children lose their baby teeth so why do dentists need to fill cavities? To maintain good oral healthcare, and to ensure that adult teeth come in properly and with enough room, dentists do their best to preserve a child’s tooth until it is time for them to come out. Teaching and maintaining good oral hygiene to children is important when new baby teeth come in.  Despite our best efforts, sometimes children develop cavities which need to be taken care of in the same manner as adults.

 Baby Teeth Fillings

Even though baby teeth are not permanent, they are the only teeth a child will have for several years until the adult teeth come in.  To maintain good oral health, a dentist will drill out cavities and fill them or put a crown on. The primary teeth are important to help ensure that adult teeth come in properly, so the dentist will do what he or she can to preserve the baby tooth until they are ready to come out naturally.

Fillings for Tooth Decay

Dentists use the same fillings for baby teeth as they would for adult teeth.  A dentist will choose to either fill a baby tooth with white composite or metal.  Metal fillings are the more popular choice for children since the teeth are temporary and it is less expensive than composite fillings.

Trauma to Baby Teeth

If a child has a cracked or chipped tooth from a trauma, or other issues such as incorrectly shaped teeth, or underdeveloped teeth, the dentist will usually opt to use crowns, especially in the front and back teeth, instead of fillings.  The crown provides a more complete correction to the damaged or misshaped tooth.

Extracting Baby Teeth

Sometimes your dentist will have no choice but to extract your child’s tooth. If there is too much advanced decay, it could cause gum issues or pain. Dentists will often fill in the gap with a prosthetic to maintain enough space for the adult tooth to eventually come in.

Number of Fillings in One Visit

The number of fillings a child will get in one visit will vary.  Some children can tolerate having all their fillings done in one sitting, while other children are more comfortable making multiple visits to fill cavities.  Each child is different, and the dentist will make those determinations to ensure the best outcome for your child.

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