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If you have imperfect teeth that impact your smile and confidence, there are several cosmetic treatments that can transform the appearance of your teeth. For example, cosmetic bonding and dental veneers both cover and conceal flaws or imperfections- including cracks, chips, and discoloration- with immediate and dramatic results. Though both procedures strive for similar outcomes, there are some distinct differences that may point to one being more practical for you.

Dental Veneers Vs. Bonding

So, what are the distinctions between veneers and bonding- and which is the easiest option? When it comes to bonding versus veneers, bonding is a bit of a faster solution than veneers. When a dentist bonds the tooth, they create a mold that resembles your natural teeth. This goes over the tooth in question to camouflage the imperfection. A dentist can usually complete bonding in a single appointment.

By contrast, dental veneers are a bit more intensive. To apply veneers, you typically need to attend at least two appointments- perhaps more. Your teeth require preparation before the impressions for the veneers are made. Next, custom veneers are made, usually from porcelain, in a lab until they are cemented in-place by your dentist. Veneers are intended to last a lifetime, with proper care.


Cosmetic dental bonding may last for a couple of years- sometimes up to ten years, before you will need to have the tooth re-bonded. Bonded teeth do have the propensity to discolor over the course of time.

As for veneers, they usually are intended to last your lifetime- at the very minimum, ten years or longer. Another perk of veneers is that the porcelain does not stain, which makes them easy to take care of- but more on that soon!


As for the cost of the two cosmetic dental procedures, bonding is cheaper than veneers. Porcelain veneers can be quite expensive, but they are custom-crafted, last a lifetime, and generally look amazing.


Whether you have dental veneers or a bonded tooth, use good oral hygiene to take care of them. Treat your teeth gently and never use them as a tool or for doing anything other than what they are intended for; wear mouthguards when engaging in sports or contact activities, too. Do not eat hard, brittle foods (like some kinds of candy) that could crack or break your teeth.

Trust Old Mount Pleasant Dentistry 

Bonding is a practical way to restore the appearance of a tooth- or two- that is cost effective and fast. For longer-lasting, aesthetically appealing dentistry, veneers have the potential of restoring and enhancing your overall appearance significantly. It is a good idea to discuss both options with a trusted dental provider to help figure out what may work best for you.

Does bonding or dental veneers make more sense for you? Discuss available options with your dentist at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, in Mt Pleasant, SC. This is a family dental practice, that has been caring for the oral health and care of Mt. Pleasant patients for generations. Call to schedule your consultation and appointment today.