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It can be tough to entertain and amuse kids during quarantine or social distancing. What are some good inside activities that will keep them occupied? More importantly, how can you keep kids active during prolonged times spent inside? Here is what parents should know about preventing boredom and maintaining physical activity amid COVID-19:

Benefits of Physical Activity

The benefits of movement bear repeating- physicians report that physical activity increases energy, improves focus, prevents disease (like diabetes), builds muscle, and controls weight. It is a great outlet for energy that can take away from concentrating on schoolwork or other pursuits when it is not released.

Ways to Keep Kids Active

So, how do you keep kids off the couch and active when stuck at home during the pandemic? There are some strategies that you can use to encourage and motivate children to move, including specific activities suited to being inside:

  • Don’t be afraid to be silly. Make an activity more fun to inspire kids to join in. For example, play some music that makes your kids laugh and dance.
  • If you want kids to move more, be a role model for them. Get up off the couch and invite them for a walk, some impromptu jumping-jacks, or some other physical activity. Engagement can be key.
  • Intrigue kids that enjoy technology with a fitness tracker of some kind. Whether you choose the watch-style monitors that measure steps taken each day or a phone app that they can track activity with, these ideas may help motivate them to move more.
  • Pique interest by teaching kids something in the process. Take a brisk walk around your yard a couple of times pointing out plants or wildlife along the way.
  • Be spontaneous in your offers and inspiration to move. Kids will have a hard time resisting spontaneity, which may also help them stay active during these sedentary times.
  • Try to make exercise a family affair. Get the whole gang in on an interactive video game, a nature walk, a competition, or even a treasure hunt.
  • Got a backyard? Create an obstacle course that will challenge and entertain your kids.

COVID-Safe Activities

Keeping the whole family safe is the most important thing, of course, so use mandated guidelines pertaining to preventing the spread of COVID-19 when considering ways to get more exercise. Adhere to standards regarding gatherings and public spaces, wear a mask, and stay home if you are not feeling well.

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