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If you are stuck inside, either due to cold weather or Coronavirus, consider a creative family activity to help pass the time. It is easy to become frustrated of being indoors so much; try something new to break up the monotony of social distancing amid COVID-19.

Consider these creative, cold-weather pursuits when you are stuck at home due to COVID:

  • Spend the weekend watching an entire movie franchise, like Star Wars or The Hunger Games. Research the movie- educate young family members about film noir. If you prefer, binge watch your favorite television series from online platforms. Make it a viewing party!
  • Do you ever write a letter to anyone? There are few gestures as personal as putting a pen to paper and reaching out to someone. Make a goal of writing a letter or postcard a week to friends, family, or old acquaintances- search social media for contact information. Encourage your kids to engage with pen-pals that are from legitimate pen-pal sites and resources.
  • Crafting is a great way to spend time when you are stuck inside. Consider something that you love to do- like knitting or woodburning- or try something entirely new, such as sewing or painting tutorials online.
  • Transform a room into a spa for at-home treatments, like manicures, facials, and pedis. Invite a friend- observe whatever social distancing guidelines are in effect- and give yourself the royal treatment. Order luxurious spa products online for easy delivery to your door.
  • Make this the time to hone your culinary skills. Browse your cookbooks or watch online vloggers to come up with some new and tasty recipes. Eat with others via Skype- or simply treat the family to a healthful and delicious meal that might be something new for them to try.
  • Start writing your personal memoir. Document your life with photos that you have taken. Even if you don’t plan to publish this, it can be very fulfilling and rewarding to revisit life experiences in this way. Plus, it makes an excellent keepsake for kids and grandkids, later.
  • This is a great time to create your vision board, that is, make a multi-media collage that captures the goals, dreams, and aspirations that you have. Gather clippings, photos, fabrics, and any bits and pieces that speak to you to contribute to the project. Hang the completed board someplace where you can see it and feel inspired every day.
  • There is something cathartic about watching a plant grow; plant a garden or herb box to maintain and harvest during winter months. Position in a sunny part of your kitchen or a window that gets regular sun.

Use these tips for creative activities amid COVID during this chilly winter season. Looking for a reputable family dental practice in Mt Pleasant, SC? Reach out to the team at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, and schedule your appointment today!