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If you have ever experienced a toothache, you likely won’t forget it. Many times, tooth pain is the sign of a cavity; see your dental provider right away. In fact, ignoring your cavities leads to significantly more discomfort and potential problems that are easily avoided with a trip to the dentist.  

If you feel tooth pain, particularly when biting down or chewing, or you notice an increased sensitivity to hot or cold, you might have a cavity. The symptoms of a cavity are more easily felt than seen, and the severity may fluctuate. Play it safe by scheduling an appointment with your dentist 

6 Reasons Not to Ignore Your Cavities

You should never ignore a cavity; here’s why: 

Cavities Don’t Go Away on their Own 

Cavities do not have the capacity to heal or go away on their own. They can progress and become worse if ignored. A cavity is essentially a hole or weak spot in the tooth, which will widen, deepen, or spread if left untreated.  

Ignoring Your Cavities Makes Them Worse 

When a cavity progresses, it further breaks down the enamel, spreading to the softer dentin layer underneath. A cavity on one tooth can spread and impact other teeth, too.  

Cavities are Painful 

Under the dentin layer of your teeth are roots and nerves. When these nerves are exposed due to a hole or cavity, it can be very painful. The acute, often throbbing pain is often the first sign of a cavity.   

You Risk a Nasty Infection 

There is swelling and inflammation associated with a cavity, too. You risk a bacterial infection that may result in sore abscesses, which are filled with pus, and that could become infected without proper care.

You Will Likely Lose the Tooth 

Another repercussion of a cavity left untreated is tooth loss. If you ignore a cavity, eventually the tooth, blood vessels, and pulp will die- causing the tooth to fall out.  

Furthermore, if it doesn’t fall out, you may need the tooth to be extracted. Adult teeth do not grow back so you could be recommended to have a bridge, implant, or denture to ensure the remaining teeth do not shift or move out of line and position. When teeth move, it can affect how you chew, bite, and speak.   

Cavities Can Lead to Other Health Issues 

Additionally, ignoring your cavities can impact overall health and wellbeing in a significant way. The bacteria from teeth that have decayed may lead to other diseases and infection, particularly in your bones or blood. Also, cavities and tooth decay can increase your risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke- even oral or mouth cancer. Take care of your overall wellbeing by seeking out a dentist if you think you may have a cavity or are experiencing persistent tooth pain.  

Got a toothache? Think you may have a cavity? The first thing you should do to prevent future complications and problems is to see a dentist. Call or visit  Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, today. Never ignore a cavity, as it can get much worse. Schedule your appointment right away.