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Everyone is interested in looking their best and having a brighter smile. Seeking professional teeth whitening in moderation may help achieve these goals, however, some patients aren’t satisfied with the results of their treatments.  Some patients seek frequent and excessive teeth whitening sessions in an attempt to emulate images of their favorite Hollywood celebrities and their dazzling smiles.

There can be an obsession which leads to over-bleaching one’s teeth to make them look as white as possible; this is a new issue that dentists have begun calling bleachorexia.  Not only do overly white teeth look unnatural, but the act of over bleaching may cause damage to your teeth and actually destroy them.

What Happens When You Over-Bleach Your Teeth?

The effects of Bleachorexia on your teeth range from simply uncomfortable to downright painful.  The intensity of the effects of over-bleaching depends on which product you are using, how often you are using it, and the condition of your teeth to begin with.


Teeth whitening with products like peroxide may cause your teeth sensitivity to cold or hot foods, a side effect that is exacerbated when you over-bleach your teeth.  This is usually not a permanent problem if the user stops using the bleaching product. The sensitivity will usually cease after the bleaching agent is no longer used in a person’s oral hygiene routine.

Gum irritation

Another common effect of over-bleaching your teeth is gum and throat irritation, it also may cause bleeding of gums that can be quite uncomfortable. The gums and throat are not good at resisting corrosive chemicals like peroxide, which leads to irritation.

Darker teeth

Attempting to whiten your teeth with bleach may actually result in the opposite effect by causing your teeth to appear darker as they become more translucent.


Excessive teeth whitening with bleach may lead to tooth erosion. If your teeth are over-exposed to bleaching agents, this may cause the enamel that protects your teeth to be destroyed.  This can result in long-lasting oral health issues such as tooth decay and fracture, and lead to quite a lot of pain.

The safest option to gaining a whiter smile is to schedule a dental appointment with your dentist to assess the condition of your teeth and to develop a safe, customized smile makeover tailored to your needs.

Schedule your next cleaning and checkup today to help you maintain a healthy and bright smile for years to come. Dr. Melchers and his experienced staff are here to address all your oral health care issues. Contact us today at info@oldmtpleasantdentistry.com to see how we can best meet your dental care needs.