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Technology has led to advancements in healthcare, including laser dentistry or ‘Biolase’ dental procedures. From cosmetic applications to skillful surgical procedures, Biolase makes it quick, easy, and pain-free to improve your smile. To date, Biolase is available in over 90 countries globally and is reported to improve the patient experience during dental visits, reducing pain, fear, and anxiety widely with this laser technology.  

Laser Dentistry

Have you heard about laser dentistry? Laser technology has been used in all areas of medical practice for years- from delicate, difficult surgeries to removing cataracts to enhance vision. When it comes to dentistry, Biolase has proven utility with things like preparing teeth for fillings, oral surgeries, and many other applications.

Pain Relief

It is estimated that more than 39 million American adults experience orofacial pain of some kind. Dental lasers offer an alternative to other pain relief that can be effective for patients in as few as ten minutes. This potential offers hope for those facing oral procedures, dental surgeries, or that have chronic medical issues causing the orofacial discomfort.

Improved Healing

Got a painful canker or cold sore? Dental lasers have the ability to increase healing and minimize scarring, while proving some much-needed pain relief to the patient.  

Simple Surgery

Nobody relishes the prospect of having dental surgery, but laser dentistry can make all the difference. Think about it: a laser or a scalpel? The mere sight of a scalpel can put any patient into a panic attack and make it even more challenging to calm down and relax during the procedure. In fact, many people have deep seated psychological trauma associated with the sight of dental instruments!

Also, lasers are able to instantly manage bleeding when conducting soft tissue surgeries very precisely which can also improve overall outcomes. Biolase has great potential for both patients and practitioners when it comes to oral and dental surgery of all kinds.  

Less Angst

Do you get nervous or anxious before a dental appointment? This is a common situation when dealing with young patients, in particular, and the speed and efficacy of lasers may change the experience of going to the dentist. Since procedures are quick, painless, and non-invasive, patients of all ages will have far less angst surrounding dental work- which may also contribute to consistent attendance and attention to dental care.  

Whitening Potential

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, know that dental lasers have the potential to lighten teeth up to 12 shades whiter in less than a half hour. That is a dramatic detour from more-conventional whitening practices that may require multiple office visits to the provider.  

Want to learn more about laser dentistry? Talk to your dentist at Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry, in Mt Pleasant, SC. The team offers a wide spectrum of family dental care, including education surrounding industry innovation and the best practices in oral health and wellness. Call today to schedule your appointment.