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Did you know that there are distinct health benefits of smiling? Well, it is always said that smiles and laughter are the best medicine for whatever may ail you. So, can a smile help chase away the winter blues? Consider the following benefits of simply smiling- and see for yourself!

Some perks of putting a smile on your face include:

Increases Endorphins

When you smile, endorphins are released in the brain which helps alleviate stress and induces a sense of euphoria. Serotonin is also released, lifting mood and decreasing depression. These endorphins also are a powerful pain reliever so if you struggle with wintertime aches and pains, smiling may make you feel better overall.

Relieves Stress

As mentioned, smiling is connected with brain chemicals and can reduce your level of stress. Smiling also lowers heart rate and can be a healthy thing to do to prevent heart attacks. When you do suffer from an injury, trauma, or stressor, experts say smiling helps you recover quicker, too.

Improves Mood

Have you ever tried to put on a happy face even when you were feeling sad or blue? It seems that this can go a long way toward lifting and boosting your mood. So, while you are faking a smile, you are still reaping the holistic benefits of smiling!

Impacts Others

Perhaps the most intriguing benefits of smiling are those that impact other people around you. Smiling has a ripple effect that can help others along the way. When seeing someone smile at you, something is triggered in the brain that often causes you to smile back. Again, the chemistry in the brain is changed and stimulated so that you feel better immediately. This reciprocal loop is how a simple smile can make everyone’s day better.

Increases Productivity

If you get down to it, smiling also can impact how well you do your job. Studies show that smiling and exuding happiness at work can increase productivity- and this impacts the performance of others around you, too. Smiling is reported to contribute to efficiency and aid in creative pursuits and endeavors. That is, smiling may help get your own creative juices flowing more freely. Any effective leader would encourage a workplace that causes staff to smile- thus increasing productivity, performance, and potential revenues.  

Smiling makes you happier and more content, but it may also be directly linked to heart and holistic health. Plus, it benefits others around you sharing the smile, like your coworkers, family, friends- and complete strangers.

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