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Scare away Halloween candy cavities this year by following healthy tips.  If you go trick or treating, you will most likely come home with lots of treats that may not be the best for your teeth. There are some tips you can follow to minimize the cavity-risk to your child’s teeth. Here are 8 simple tips that will make a big impact:

1. Encourage Moderation. 

If your child eats candy in small portions, for example, a fun-sized candy bar rather than a full-sized one, they will consume less sugar and calories.

2. Drink Plenty of Water. 

Drinking water has many overall health benefits, and will help wash away sugar that would otherwise adhere to your teeth. Drinking water helps balance out pH levels in your mouth that sugar makes unbalanced.

3. Limit the Time When you Eat Candy. 

Placing limits on when a child may eat candy during the day will help cut down on overall consumption.

4. Stay Away from Anything Sour. 

The acid in sour candy is harmful to your tooth enamel and will cause it to breakdown, which will expose your teeth to bacteria, which causes decay.

5. Avoid Sticky or Chewy Candy. 

These types of candies cling to your teeth and make it difficult to brush and floss away.  Any candy left in your mouth for prolonged periods will cause tooth decay more quickly.

6. Chew Sugar-Free Gum. 

Chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva produced in your mouth which helps wash away sugar, acids and bacteria, which leads to tooth decay.

7. Avoid Long-Lasting Candy. 

Sucking on hard candy or lollipops for a long time exposes your child’s mouth to sugar for extended periods of time.  This will cause teeth to be coated with sugar, which leads to bacteria and acid build up in your mouth.

8. Brush Teeth Right After Consuming Candy. 

Brushing your teeth soon after eating candy is the best way to scare away those candy cavities by removing harmful bacteria.

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