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Halloween is a fun day that children look forward to, but may be one which presents parents with a variety of health and safety issues. Here are 5 tips to help your family stay healthy and safe this year.

Be selective in the candy you choose to eat.

Avoid hard candy or other sweets such as caramels that stay in your mouth a long time. Choose sweets like chocolate which melt in your mouth quickly and do not stick to your teeth. Avoid candy that is chewy and acidic since it takes longer to get washed away by saliva and can lead to tooth decay.

Choose candy that is consumed quickly.

When you purchase your Halloween candy, consider treats that may be eaten quickly, like miniature candy bars.  After your child returns from treat or treating, limit the consumption of hard or sticky candies that take a long time to eat and increase exposure to sugar that may cause decay of your child’s teeth.

Timing is important.

When you consume candy is also an important factor to staying healthy during Halloween.

Eat Halloween candy during mealtimes or shortly after since saliva production increases during meals. This will help combat acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and help rinse them quickly away.

Teach your child to eat candy and all foods in moderation.

Candy and other sweets are blamed for much of tooth decay, but what you eat on a day to day basis will have an overall impact on your oral health.  Teach children to make healthy choices in their diet, and choose alternatives to candy such as fruit and nuts, to help promote good oral health.  Eating foods in moderation is good for both children and adults.  Read nutrition labels carefully since you will be surprised to find that many foods and drinks are loaded with sugar, fructose and sweeteners.

Have a Plan this Halloween.

Your teeth will thank you if you limit the stash of candy that you have around your home.  Have your family pick their favorite candy and donate the rest.

Dr. Melchers and his staff are here to address all of your oral health care issues.  We hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!  Contact us today at info@oldmtpleasantdenistry.com to see how we can best meet your dental care needs.