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If going to the dentist is uncomfortable for you, waterlase technology may change the way that you feel. Waterlase dentistry uses water and light to complete otherwise long or dislikable dental procedures. This technology is used to treat conditions afflicting the teeth and gums, and may also be utilized for mouth sores, too. Waterlase is faster, less invasive, and convenient, providing a more comfortable experience.  

So, what can waterlase technology do? Here are five benefits: 

1. Contour Gums 

If you are uncomfortable about how your smile appears, waterlase may be able to help. This technology can contour the gums, so they complement and balance the teeth. If you feel that you have big teeth or gums, contouring can change the way they look, thus improving your smile.  

2. Resolve Recession 

Speaking of gums, waterlase may help with receding gums, too. When the gums start to move and merge back from the teeth, the result is a sensitive, red, and usually sore gum. It can also make the exposed teeth more sensitive, too, particularly to cold or heat. Waterlase can resolve this issue with ease.  

3. Treat Cavities 

Many patients put off getting a cavity treated due to worry and anxiety. Waterlase makes it possible to treat cavities without the pressure, heat, and possible pain that comes with the conventional procedure. It removes the decay and bacteria, so no drill is needed, and, in many instances, no anesthetic is necessary, either. Patients will spend less time in the chair, too.  

4. Remove Bacteria  

Has it been a while since you have visited a dentist? If so, it is likely that you have some plaque or tartar between teeth or along the gumline. This is traditionally resolved with scaling, which can be a time consuming and uncomfortable process. Removing this bacterial debris is crucial to preventing decay and tooth loss.  

Waterlase is faster at removing this debris and preventing the progression of periodontal and gum disease. It is a much more comfortable approach to take than conventional scaling techniques.  

5. Reduce Anxiety 

A faster and more comfortable experience at the dentist’s office is going to lead to less anxiety later. This technology is also a great solution for children, who may be fearful about going to their dental appointments. Waterlase is less invasive, so recovery time from any procedure involving this technology is swift. Make sure to ask your dental provider if they offer waterlase to the patients they see. 

Visit A Waterlase Dentistry

Dislike dental visits? Don’t delay dental health care because of anxiety or fear that it will hurt; ask your provider about waterlase technology, instead. If you live in or near Mt Pleasant, SC, consider Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry. We are a family dental practice, offering waterlase technology to our patients. Call or visit to learn more about this patented Hydro-photonic treatment option today.