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August 2020

Biolase Advancement in Dentistry

By Cosmetic, Dental Technology, Dental Visit, Oral Hygiene

Technology has led to advancements in healthcare, including laser dentistry or ‘Biolase’ dental procedures. From cosmetic applications to skillful surgical procedures, Biolase makes it quick, easy, and pain-free to improve your smile. To date, Biolase is available in over 90 countries globally and is reported to improve the patient experience during dental visits, reducing pain, fear, and anxiety widely with this laser technology.   Laser Dentistry Have you heard about laser dentistry? Laser technology has been used in all areas of medical…

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Tips for Teaching Children About the Dentist

By Children's Dentistry, Dental Visit, Oral Health, Oral Hygiene

Familiarize your child at a very early age with taking care of their teeth and going to the dentist, and the reward will be improved oral health as they grow older. Use these tips from professionals to foster confidence about visiting the dentist and pride in maintaining good oral hygiene. Some tips to teach children about the dentist include these: Encourage Good Habits and Hygiene Make sure that you foster good habits and oral health every day, from the moment your child…

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