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July 2020

What Can I Eat for Strong Teeth?

By Oral Health, Oral Hygiene

Strong teeth play an important role in how well your food is digested. To ensure that you have healthy teeth, it’s essential to pay attention to what you eat. So, let’s discuss the top six nutritional foods that will give you a lifetime of healthy smiles.  1. Foods Rich in Protein Protein is essential for the body to build healthy tissues and revitalize tissues that are wearing out. High levels of phosphorous are found in protein. Phosphorous is vital for both…

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HELP! I Think I Have Receding Gums

By Dental Visit, Oral Health, Oral Hygiene

Have you run your tongue around the tops of your teeth and felt that you have receding gums? And then, a glance in the mirror has confirmed it! Your gum tissue surrounding your teeth is pulling back and exposing more of your teeth and even their roots. This condition is not only bad for your smile; it is also a health hazard. Bacteria can get into the pockets that have formed between your teeth and the gum line. If you…

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