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May 2020

Hygiene for Teens: Why Good Habits Are Important

By Children's Dentistry, Oral Health, Oral Hygiene

Good health habits and personal hygiene are essential life skills. When your child reaches those teen years, you might think they should have learned how to care for their body (after all, you’ve been teaching them about this for years!). However, most adolescents still need some guidance about health and hygiene for teens. Teens need to learn the life skills that are going to be necessary in order to become healthy, responsible adults. Why Is Hygiene for Teens Important? Many teens tend…

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Dig This! 8 Ways Gardening Creates a Healthy Family

By Oral Health

Before the advent of personal technology and social media, parents and their kids had no other choice but to actually talk and interact with each other. Alas, the new normal is entire families fixated on their screens without exchanging a single word. But, it doesn’t have to always be like this. One way for everyone to connect is to put aside their phones and engage in gardening together. Other benefits include making kids smarter and healthier – here’s why.  1. Students Score…

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