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December 2019


Do Dental Implants Cause Pain?

By Oral Health

If you are considering dental implant surgery to replace damaged or missing teeth, you might be concerned about pain during the procedure or afterward. This is a common fear. But most dental implant patients report that the procedure isn’t painful and that there is minimal discomfort involved. Plus, you get the benefit of a lasting, natural smile that will allow you to eat and live your life normally. What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants are metal posts that are permanently…

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My Child Won’t Brush Their Teeth!

By Children's Dentistry, Oral Health

As adults, we brush and floss our teeth regularly because we understand the value of good oral health and the consequences of failing to do this. But what about your kids? Every parent understands that it can be challenging to get your child to brush their teeth as a matter of routine. If this is your current struggle, you’re certainly not alone. Here are six ways that you can encourage your child’s oral health and regular brushing. 1. Start Them…

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