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At Old Mt Pleasant Dentistry we hold to the old fashioned value that the patient is the most important person in our office. We use treatment plans that are practical and with the utmost concern for pain control, using the most advanced technology. Our staff will take time to explain any treatment plan and how to avoid dental problems in the future.

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We are conveniently located right off Ben Sawyer Blvd in Mt Pleasant at 1309 Warrick Lane.

Address: 1309 Warrick Lane Mt Pleasant SC 29464

Phone: 843-881-0668


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Teeth cleaned without dental insurance

Can You Get Your Teeth Cleaned without Dental Insurance?  

By Dental Visit

Do you have dental insurance? Sadly, many do not as it is not usually considered to be essential healthcare coverage. Oral health is closely connected to holistic health, so it is imperative to take care of teeth and gums- including regular routine cleanings and checkups. It may be possible to purchase dental insurance separately from your medical plans, and the cost is typically quite affordable ranging from around $10 to $50 per month in most cases.   So, what does dental…

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Dental disorders tooth issues

Why Are There So Many Dental Disorders?  

By Dental Visit

Did you know that some common dental issues are very preventable? Regular and routine visits to a dentist can help detect problems before they can compromise your oral health and overall well-being. Experts report that the evolution of processed foods set the stage for many common dental disorders that had previously gone unnoticed. Learn a few of the most common tooth problems and why these dental disorders exist.  Common Dental Disorders  Dental experts assert that nearly 90% of Americans have misaligned…

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Do home remedies prevent cavities

Do Home Remedies Work to Prevent Cavities?  

By Oral Hygiene

There are a lot of myths and rumors floating around related to dental health and hygiene. In regard to cavity prevention, nothing surpasses regular visits with your dental provider and routine cleanings- but do any of these home remedies work? Are there any risks associated with these methods? Here is what you need to know:  Home Remedies  Many people rely on home remedies to maintain dental health and wellness- but do they work? Reviews are varied but there is a consensus when it…

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